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How To Break The Touch Barrier To Escape The Friend Zone
Sunday, 22 February 2009
Escaping The Friend Zone By Breaking The Touch Barrier
So you found yourself needing escape the friend zone and you’re wondering how to do it in the best way possible.

What if I told you that one of the biggest reasons you’re stuck in the friend zone is because of the lack of touching?

That’s right. Communication is 55% body language (such as body posture, eye contact, and you guessed it, touching), 38% tone of voice and only 7% words -- yes, that means that more than 90% of what you’re saying isn’t actually coming out of your mouth.

Yet, even after knowing how important touch is to communication, most guys remain hesitant to touch a woman they’re interested in. If you’re one of those guys, then your reasons may be because:

1.) You feel that it’s an invasion of her privacy,
2.) You “respect her personal space,”
3.) You don’t want her to think of you as a pervert.

If you are unfortunate enough to believe one of the three things I listed above, I’m telling you right now -- they’re not true! 4 out of 5 men who are stuck in the friend zone would see their situations improve drastically if they just touch women more.

Even just simple touching can amplify the sexual tension between a male and a female if it’s done properly. But beware: there is a very fine art of doing this — do it the wrong way, the only thing you’ll be kissing are your chances goodbye.

Start off simple; as long as your efforts to break the touch barrier isn’t too overt, then you should be all right. Here are some touching techniques that you can put to use starting this afternoon:

1.) If you’re going to tell her something, simply get her attention by touching her on the arm gently. This can also be done when you’re greeting her whenever you see her. Don’t hold the touch for too long -- 2-3 seconds is long enough.

2.) Hugging her playfully after you tease her is very effective. You can also tell her that you were just kidding while putting your arm around her shoulders. The effect this has on her is a general feeling of being protected by you -- that helps further your cause and will get her to start seeing you in a more sexual manner.

3.) You can also “unintentionally” be brushing different parts of your body against her. For example, if you’re sitting together, casually let your leg be in contact with her leg, or your arm with her arm, maybe even your hand against her hand.

If you’re trying to get out of the friend zone, it’s important that you break the touch barrier as soon as possible. Be sure to learn the fine art of physical flirting and add it to your arsenal to speed up your way out of the friend zone. Be sure to learn the Touch Escalation Ladder inside out by reading about it on today.

Posted by gavinsocial1 at 6:33 PM EST

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